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Peppermint Kitty Wash


Miseducation is often the culprit of vaginal imbalances. For many years we have been taught that the vagina needs extensive cleaning to be considered clean. That is far from the truth. Our vaginas are a self-cleaning system that needs a little TLC. Though the vagina is naturally self-cleansing, environmental factors, diet, and even certain soaps may compromise your vaginal health. For moments like these, we introduce to you The Fix Botanicals Kitty Wash. This wash is formulated with ingredients that balance pH keeping your kitty sweet. 

If you’re looking for a cooling tingle, our peppermint scent is guaranteed to make you feel refreshed! 

Directions: Using your hand or washcloth, use 2-3 pumps and wash the outer part of your vagina. For external use only.

Ingredients: Distilled Water, Castile Soap, Aloe Vera, Witch Hazel, Apple Cider Vinegar, Peppermint, Lavender, Chamomile

 7.1 oz

Customer Reviews

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Melenie Rodriguez
Amazing products!

The peppermint kitty wash is AMAZING. It smells very clean/fresh and the cooling sensation from the peppermint is my absolute favorite. The glow facial oil also looks and feels great on the skin! Thank you for such great quality products. Well worth the money y’all!

Chelsea Brasington
Peppermint kitty wash

I absolutely love the peppermint kitty wash, it makes you so clean and fresh. I will continue to buy this item. I also loved the rose water face mist

The Best Kitty “Treat” there is!

This feminine wash is the best there is, with every use there is a refreshing feeling that you know that you are clean and your pH has been balanced! This is my can’t live without it product, I have purchased it multiple times and have gifted it too! It’s Ahhhhmazing!

A Feminine Wash you can Trust!!!

Let me start off by saying that I have a very sensitive Kitty. I'm pretty sure I've tried almost every feminine wash on the market and none have really worked for me until this one. I ordered it on a whim after seeing an Instagram ad for this product during their holiday promo. I decided I'd give it a try after visiting their website and learning that not only is this a Black owned company but they also use natural ingredients in their washes. I've been disappointed by feminine washes claiming to be "natural" before so I was a little skeptical and not very hopeful but I've been using the wash for a month now and now I refuse to use anything else. It smells AMAZING and while I was worried that the peppermint might carry too much of a tingle, it's actually quite pleasant. I feel super fresh after using it and I also haven't had any imbalances while using this product so it's definitely a keeper for me!


YO! This wash is amazing! I didn't even know my ph was imbalanced until she* responded to this product. AND GIRL. It's really lit. This wash really provides a light and refreshing feeling- every. single. time. and its a one of a kind experience for me. Definitely have to keep this wash on di pumpum DECK. Thanks for The Fix!!!

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