Our mission is to produce quality products made with integrity for every day people to enjoy without the worry of harmful ingredients.

Throughout our adolescent years, we often suffered from acne and combination skin. After exhausting all options of store-bought products from major companies that promised amazing results, we realized the only way to fight the battle against acne successfully was to heal our skin. In January 2019 we developed a facial oil made specifically to heal our skin and from there, sparked our interest in creating an array of natural body products. 

The skin is our largest organ so it is important for us to keep it healthy. At times we as people unknowingly overlook ingredients in skincare and body products that may potentially cause harm to us down the line. Due to the fact that our skin absorbs everything we put on it, we decided to formulate products that would not harm our bodies but would rather promote healthy radiant skin. 

Integrity is important to us, so we bring you products that are used and tested on our own bodies. 

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